EKHCDC receives trophy and multiple recognition certificates

EKHCDC’s SHG issued legal recognition

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission’s has awarded trophy’s and multiple recognition, acknowledgment and appreciation certificate from various actors in EKHCDC’s Self Help Group(SHG) promotion movement program that was held in Adama town recently(Saturday). EKHCDC has awarded trophy’s and certificates for its unreserved commitment it has been played in SHG

EKHCDC’s SHG promotion movement has issued legal recognition from the Oromia Regional State. EKHCDC’s SHG has been legalized after 21 years of work since it started SHG practice.

EKHCDC’s Self Help Group promotion movement program was warmly celebrated and all relevant actors were recognized for their valuable effort and initiatives they were played.

The SHG movement program has celebrated at the presence of higher officials from Oromia Regional State and various NGO’s.

The program was concluded by celebrating the SHG legalization EKHCDC has issued from Oromia Regional State and recognized relevant actors who played their part for this success besides officials have made visit of various SHG products.

SHG Statistics in Oromia Region shown in meeting the promising impact in changing the SHG groups socio-economic aspects of the people. Hence, there are 4,477 number of SHGs, 89,521 SHGS members, 119 CLAS and 5 FLAS as well as the total SHGs saving amounted 46,309,028.73 besides total SHG Members Capital reached 91,319,596.45 and some 445,600 people were directly addressed.

Meanwhile at country level EKHCDC SHG Statistics shown significant growth. Accordingly, there are nearly 18 thousand number of SHG, over 356 thousand SHG members, 1,351 CLAS, and 6 FLAS it was learned.

The total savings of the SHG at country level hits over 354 million ETB and about nearly 1.78 million people were directly addressed.

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