A proper financial management and effective use of organizational resources are the organizational vessels which carry all systems within the organization to make it alive and keep it going on. It has always to be healthy and properly administered with effective system developments and professional appraisals. The Finance, Budget and Grant Management Department of EKHCDC therefore is actively working to manage finance and financial systems so that all other programs of the organization would operate properly to achieve the predefined objectives and goals of the organization. The program is progressively improving and installing a new system of accounting (IPSAS) to cop up with the newfangled technology and to move its performance up to the global standards in order to manage grants from local and international partners. Recently, well qualified and experienced finance staffs have joined EKHCDC and actively working with respect to the required standards of financial management.  

Objectives of the program

  • To review, install and run standardized financial and grant management system in the organization,
  • To manage finances and grants as per their budget lines and financial plans,
  • To provide effective and efficient services in order to mount organizational performance and satisfy partners, clients, stakeholders and staffs,
  • To provide relevant and reliable information for decision makers, management bodies and partners,

Major Activities

  • Financial Planning, Analysis and Management
  • Budgeting, Bookkeeping and Control  
  • Undertaking tax and legal payments
  • Ensuring maintenance of financial law of the government and organizational procedures
  • Producing Financial Reports