Education has been part and parcel /package of the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church since its establishment in Ethiopia. The initial attempt traces back to the early 1930s and the focus areas were on the basic literacy, numeracy and preprimary schools.This was further extended to education in primary education and secondary schools in 1940s and the SIM mission was taking the upper hand in running schools.
Rational for EKHCDC Education
The existence of about 300 formal schools and numerous and a call for collaboration, Lack of support and capacity building for church owned schools that calls for coordinated and concerted effort in order to survive and thrive, Open doors and unprecedented opportunities, The need for a united effort in order to impact for good on Ethiopian communities, institutions, and systems and The pressures of current realities in Ethiopia.
EKHC Schools Culture

Equipped and empowered EKHC schools collaborated to ensured excellence in access, equity, inclusiveness and quality of educational delivery in building citizens of Ethiopia
 Provide programmatic and academic support to member schools
 Help member schools in the accreditation and certification processes
 Engage in the professional development endeavors of the member schools
 Connect and network member schools nationally and internationally.
 Engage in advocacy and public policy making on educational issues
 Assist member of schools in their outreach services to bring impact on Ethiopian communities
Core Activities
 Professional Development for Institutional Growth
 Facilities development
 Curriculum and Programmatic Development
 Resource Sharing
 Collaboration Networking Nationally and Internationally
 Exchange Programmes
 Community services
 Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation
 Accreditation and Standardization

Jimma School to work transition project

The establishment work/careers club at school level through SHGs

  • After getting training, some project students participating in income generating activities
  • By participating such kinds of activities, the schools youths support themselves by providing school materials and uniform.  Beside this, the school dropout is minimized.   

Students innovation work

Through career and employability training, the students’ innovation skills are increased. Some students well award and participating in creativity activities and displayed different products.

Community Engagement

Due to community engagement training, the community engagement on school  improvement is also increased.

Students participating in income generating activities

The project schools Students’ innovation work

Community Engagement

Project school community participates in school improvement work and brought some behavioral change to improve schools.