EKHCDC provides training on digital safety and security

Subsequent the training organized by PADD in Nairobi – Kenya on digital safety and security for one week with main objective of supporting partner organizations to have a strong and reliable digital safety and security system by empowering the skills and capacities of the appropriate staff, Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission(EKHCDC) has provided digital safety and security training for first group employees.

The training topic was mainly including; Digital safety and security, psychological safety and security, physical safety and security, legal safety and security, risk assessment and analysis, cyberbullying, managing the security of organizational and personal Google accounts, and some features of Artificial intelligence and others.

The commission has started providing this training grouping the employee’s in different groups. The first group was successfully attended the theoretical and practical session of the training and earned vital knowledge and skills in relations to digital safety and security.

A lot of issues related to digital safety and security were raised and discussed in a meaningful way. The training was provided by Bereket Kahsay Ethiopian Evangelical Church MekanYesus-Development and Social Service Commission(EECMY-DASSC) IT Manager.

He said understanding basics of digital safety and security is essential to keep the organization and ourselves from hackers and cyberattacks besides protecting our data and privacy from being attacked or lost.

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission(EKHCDC) Commissioner Dr. Tefera Telore appreciating the value of this training for the organization, he called up on trainees to apply knowledge and skills obtained from the training starting from end of the training period.

He also indicated that the other employees of the commission also will attend this training in the following days besides appreciated the way the training provided and the participant also participated.

The participants learned about the benefits and challenges of using digital tools and platforms in their work. They also gained practical skills and knowledge on how to protect their data and privacy online

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