EKHCDC, LRDD biannual review workshop concluded successfully

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission(EKHCDC), Livelihood and Resilience Development Department(LRDD) biannual review and CCT-SHG evaluation and validation workshop held for three consecutive days at Adama town has concluded successfully.

During these three days the department has deeply discussed on various projects presentations implemented and under implementation. Accordingly, various vital lessons and inputs were collected and agreed to add and finalize the report.

Unity, care, good leadership, meeting deadline, stewardship, transparency, responsibility accountability, compassion and sustainability are vital values and elements lead the firms towards inclusive and sustainable development and transformation of the target community across the project areas.

Reviving our spiritual life and applying good leadership care and accountability in our work area helped us to be successful. As Christ follower exemplary leadership with the aim to attain inclusive and sustainable development for the glory of God and the benefits of the marginalized and excluded and targeted community are more expected things from us. Hence, strengthening our relationship with God and human beings more than ever is very crucial that will help us to realize and maintain healthy and sustainable development.

We accomplished various developmental, relief and rehabilitation, CCT-SHG projects in Amhara region, Oromia Region, SNNPR, Borana, and other parts of the country and kindly serve affected and marginalized segment of the people by human-made (conflict, war, displacement) and natural disasters like drought. 

Dinku also said that God helped us in many ways to successfully implement multiple projects stretch from Relief and Rehabilitation implemented in Amhara and Oromia, SNNPR and other area, Peace building and Disaster Prevention, Conservation agriculture practice and Knowledge and experience sharing to beneficiaries and stakeholders. God is with us and we are proceeding with result.

Work quality and quantity of the commission in general and the LRDD in particularly booming high besides financial report of the program and EKHCDC informative reminding policy updates presented to participants of the workshop.

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