EKHCDC kickoff over 22.6 million ETB emergence response project in Tigray

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church and Development Commission (EKHCDC) in collaboration with the Tigray Kale Heywet Church office has launched an emergency relief MPC project in Mekelle-Zemarias Hotel that will benefit 5,500 people in a 70 kare refugee camp on June 18/2024.
Speaking at the launching of the project, Dr. Tefera Talore, EKHCDC Commissioner said that the project is based on humanitarian and works to solve the problems of the Internally Displaced peoples(IDPs).

Dr. Tefera added that EKHCDC has been working since 1974 and the damage caused by the war in Tigray is severe and we will try our best to the damage recovery and help the people in need. The project will last for five months and will cover 5,500 people. 22,600,000 million birr has been allocated for the project.

Secretary General of the Tigray Kale Heywet Church office, Pastor Eyob Adnew, said the project is aimed at providing financial assistance to the displaced people. The issue of displaced people is the agenda of every Tigrayan, he said, adding that the only lasting solution is to return to their homes.

Abraham Alembo, Emergency and Resilience Program Manager at EKHCDC, said the forum was aimed at ensuring that the aid that has come reaches the needy people properly. He added that work should be done until the displaced people return to their places/homes.

The Mekelle MPC project is ready to work with the people and government of Tigray. The project was launched on June 18/2024 after a consultative forum organized by the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission and the Tigray Kale Heywet Church Office.

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