EKHCDC, EKHCWM provides women empowerment, leadership, nonviolent communication, and intermediation training and Workshop

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission’s(EKHCDC) JISRA Project in collaboration with the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church(EKHC) Women’s Ministry have provided training with seven staff members for 30 women at Halaba for three days.

 The provided training and workshop at Halaba and Silte Zone in March 23–31, 2023 includes women’s empowerment, leadership, nonviolent communication, and intermediation. Over 30 women leaders and ministers have completed the course very well. Hence, EKHCWM has a vision and plan to equip women in leadership and empower them for the kingdom of God.

Considering that the EKHCDC, JISRA Project prepared the facility in an interesting way, together and trained women from four different zones who are ministers and leaders at their local church and zonal level. Making women trained and equipped will help them to work and bring significant change to their home, church, and community as well.

Therefore, they are expected to bring changes in their life, church, and community according to the training they received by recommitting and building bridges in their public and individual communication regarding cultural gaps, religious gaps, and personal relationships. These main topics are very important and help to work women’s sensitivity in challenges and fulfill their responsibilities as well.

The project’s content is critical for these women, who face religious, ethnic, and cultural violence, to learn how to respond positively and protect themselves and the community from bad actions. Therefore, the training awarded and provided shows how they can change the implication that they planned and wrote action plans for practical activities by singing.  

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