EKHCDC assists training participants to open telebirr account  

It is to be recalled that The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission (EKHCDC)) and Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC, joint boards and top leaders jointly conducted an integration and resource mobilization workshop on the 9th of October 2023 at EKHC Kuriftu training center.

In addition, it has conducted training on resource mobilization and briefings on Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA) project interventions at Hawassa Rori Hotel on the 18 th of December 2023.

Sideline to both events EKHCDC promoted the telebir supper app and assisted the participant to open a telebirr account.

Accordingly, in collaboration with Hawassa branch ethio telecom, EKHCDC has created a chance for training participants to open telebirr accounts on 18 December 2023. Hence, several training participants opened telebirr accounts and commenced using telebir supper application for their financial transactions as well as fundraising purposes.  

EKHCDC has extended its deepest acknowledgment to ethio telecom for sponsoring telebirr fundraising account.

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