Commission provides languages skill training for EKHC school teachers

The Northern Park Community Church-Canada representative in collaboration with the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission (EKHCDC), Education and Child Development Department has provided English language skill training for the Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) schools’ teachers.

The training has been provided with the aim to enhance teachers’ language skills in the teaching and learning process in school inline to help children improve English language skills such as speaking, reading, and writing skills.  43 EKHC school teachers have successfully attended the training at EKHC’s Kuriftu Training Centre.

Accordingly, participants/trainees have also expressed their deepest gratitude for the provided training as it helps them to improve the schooling system in a more advanced way.   The training was very interesting and eye opener for how to teach English subject as a second language in schools. “The teachers were trained to teach English language using actions and songs and activities and giving answers that make learning enjoyable.” As the trainees were the Church school teachers, we should have to teach the curriculum by integrating it with the word of GOD. When they teach in this method, it will be very important and significant for the learners and their country. The stories are found in the training books like Samaritan person and the lost son. The training team showed how to Love Jesus Christ and Love others and it adds the value to spiritual life of participants.

The Education and Child development department is designing and working on projects in most parts of the country to ensure the quality and accessibility of education for children. Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church had solid experience in education training programs in Ethiopia. Hence, English language training is essential and more significant for school children to communicate meaningfully and acquire the necessary or basic language skills that will enable them to read, listen, speak, and write. The training has been provided for teachers from 10-14/07/2023 at kurftu EKHC Training Center and it has been successfully lectured by David Hyland Team leader, John Budge Team member, Martyn Hartley team member, Heather Klaver Team Member. Trainees have been awarded a Certificate award for successful completion of the training.

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