Commission completes 4 shallow well potable water pump construction in Oromia

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission(EKHCDC) has constructed 4 shallow well water pump in Oromia Regional State, Gimbichu District/woreda at four villages namely Koromta, Mumecha, Gedam and Dalecha villages within one year. This work enabled the community to have potable water access near to their home/village, EKHCDC HORCO Project Chief Coordinator Cherent Berhanu said.

This project was 3 million Birr project funded by Hope for Rural Children and Orphans / HORCO Canada and   implemented by EKHCDC from July/2022 to June 2023.

The project had brought a significant value added change and improved the well-being of women, children and youth as a whole targeted community by reducing walking distance and incidence of water and sanitation related diseases through provision of safe water supply and awareness creation on good sanitation and hygiene practice among the targeted 1525 beneficiaries in the project area.

He said the commission has constructed these 4 shallow well water pumps sponsored by Canadian based NGO named HORCO   after a survey conducted in 10 kebelles of Gimbichu woreda in collaboration with Zonal and Woreda government. Cherent said these constructed water pumps were 80-meter depth with potential of releasing 2 litter per second. Each shallow well has been serving 60-70 households.  

In previous years the commission has constructed over 30 shallow well and now it has been continued such kind of activities in various parts of country. The project enabled the community to have potable water access within 10 up to 20 minutes’ walk distance from their home.

EKHCDC-HORCO project Chief Coordinator explaining about the project

Ayele Kassaye a father of 10 lived in Eastern Showa Zone of Oromia Region at Gimbichu woreda, Mumecha community. He said that before this shallow well was developed by The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission “we were go about four hours a day to fetch water either a surface/from river water because we and our cattle’s have no alternative water source to drink.”

“surface/river water was contaminated water by animal and human wastes and not safe for drinking but we were drinking it for long. As result we were exposed to various kind of water born disease, particularly children were the most victims of the situation” Ayele has stated.

But now this was turned to history for my family and the community by the EKHCDC effort. Now students are attending school properly. No threats about water-borne disease, he stated.

Mumecha shallow well fitted with hand pump

Dereje Tulu, Eastern Shewa Zone-Ginibuchu Woreda Water Development Office expert on his part said that this project really brought relief and health to our community because before shallow wells were developed the community were drinking contaminated surface water and exposed to water-borne disease, the community (mostly Women and students) were forced to go about 4 hours to fetch water from river but now this project has saved their time, energy, and health via constructing drinkable shallow well water sources.

EKHCDC has answered potable water request of the community which the local government had unable to do he said extending his deepest gratitude to the commission said the constructed shallow wells water have multi-purpose meaning to the community.

Before this project EKHCDC has also constructed and developed water points in various villages namely Lemlem Cheffe, Worimansur, Addadi Gole, Borkohola, and other villages. I can say proudly that EKHCDC has answered our worda’s potable water demand/request more than enough.

 Surface Water Community Drink Before Shallow Well-constructed

Developed Potable Shallow Well Water Pump

Taye Bekele a father of 7 families who is lived in Ginbichu Woreda told that before the shallow well developed sending children to school was not easy because the go far to fetch, then late from school time and get absent. When this was repeated the children demand for schooling declined and dropped from going to school. Now thanks to EKHCDC we are drinking potable water which a nightmare before. Potable water is healthy water. Now no sickness because of water.

Taye Bekele Washing His Hand with Smile

Taye Bekele Drinking Water from Constructed Shallow Well.

Farmer Kefile Kebede is also father of 9 families has said “we drink contaminated surface water before. Water problem is not easy problem to explain using word but understanding our suffering from absence of potable water thanks to EKHCDC, it has constructed this shallow well.

Now we didn’t drink surface water. No sickness result of water-borne diseases. Some donkeys were eaten by hyena when people go far to fetch water from river at mid-night. Water is great thing that determine/grant issue of survival. Any problem will be solved if there is water but if no water, everything including survival issue get hard and tough.  This is what EKHCDC has addressed and gave to us.  I and my community thanks EKHCDC and its partners for solving our problem.

Kefile Kebede Stand on Shallow Well & Explaining EKHCDC Intervention in Addressing Water Scarcity


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