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The Commission works to see holistic development, transformation of community

ADDIS ABABA(EKHCDC)- The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission (EKHCDC) has been undertaking/implementing wide ranges of projects that intended to enable community to have decent and dignified life.

 Ato Dinku Shumi, Head of Livelihood and Resilience Development Department at EKHC-DC said that the EKHCDC has been undertaking various activities that are helping to reducing poverty; realize food security, and other things.

Accordingly, EKHCDC has been implementing Self Help Group (SHGs) Promotion and Enterprise Development, Food Security and Value Chain Development, Relief and Rehabilitation, Disaster Prevention and Peace building projects in SNNP, Oromia, Sidama, South West Region, Benishangul and Amhara regions.

The commission has been striving to bring holistic changes and development that make poverty history and help the community to live free of poverty.

2022 fiscal year budget planned by Livelihood and Resilience Department was 136 million Birr he said adding it has utilized 75 million birr in half year performance of this fiscal year. This didn’t include 4 relief and rehabilitation projects currently under implementation-three projects in North Wollo and the remaining in Borana-Yabello. These projects budget contains 40, 70, 25 and 35 million ETB each.

The projects directly benefited over 151 thousand peoples he said adding EKHCDC has been committed to bring innovative development concept approaches to help the community to escape from poverty by their own potentials.

The horn Africa region has been facing both natural and human made disasters like conflict, displacement, drought and hanger. Ethiopia is one of among these countries in this region. Accordingly, the Commission has undertaken multiple relief and rehabilitation activities and helped hundreds of thousands of people’s life get supported in various ways.

In the disaster prevention and peace building process of the country, the commission has been ushered its finger print.   Joint Initiative for Strategic Religious Action (JISRA) project has been playing paramount role in disaster prevention and peace building process within the Ethiopian Kale Heyewet Church (EKHC) and EKHC relationships with other denomination and relevant stakeholders to avoid conflicts and strengthen peace and unity.  

EKHCDC has been implementing JISRA project in Oromia, SNNPR, and Sidama regions. The project is under implementation in Halaba, Silite, Arsi and around Hawassa Zuria distircts he ascribed adding the commission under this section has been undertaking multiple peace building measures. It prepared platforms focused of peace building , conducted study, empower women and youths regarding the concept of peace and many other things which has significant contribution for peace building and avoid discrimination, violence between peoples, and religions. 

Under SHG Promotion Section, Gilgal program has been under implementation in 14 wordas actively and CCMD project also goes operational at 7 towns, he said adding Nazareth Community Development and Community Inclusion Digital Currency projects also goes operational at Adama city. “Ethiopia is the first/pioneer in implementing Community Inclusion Digital Currency project from African countries.”

EKHC in collaboration with Teafund UK learnt and brought  SHG Development Model  to Ethiopia from India in 2002 he said adding  Food Security and Value Chain Unit has been benefiting a lot of peoples via enhancing their food security and valued chain linkages with relevant actors and skills. Conservation agriculture, SHG, CCT and are sectors that have been integrated and implemented under this unity, he underscored. 

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