Commission launches integrated  child development program in SWPR

BONGA(EKHCDC)- The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission(EKHCDC) disclosed that it has launched integrated a Child development project (Bonga ET-0194 )in South Western peoples Region- Bonga town yesterday. the project finance is funded by Compassion International Ethiopia. 

The project launching was held in the presence of EKHCDC Commissioner, Bonga City Mayor, SWPR Education Bureau, and Finance and Economic Development Bureau head, many other regional and zonal higher government officials and other invited guests.

Dr. Tefera Tolera EKHCDC Commissioner said in his remark at the project launching program that the project intended to facilitate holistic change and development of the society. Currently EKHC is under preparation to host the golden 100th founding year. EKHC has over 10 thousand churches across the country with over 10 million members and followers.

EKHCDC has been serving the country and Ethiopian societies in various socio-economic battlefields to lift out the poorest of the poor and orphans out of poverty, he said adding the EKHCDC has been widely undertaking developmental activities in water, Education, food security and emergency and relief assistance and on many other things.

It has been providing service and assistance for the needy peoples without discrimination/without seeing their religion, skin color, ethnic background, gender and many other things, he ascribed adding that the EKHCDC has been also working prioritizing principle of humanity and providing equal and fair developmental support to all needy peoples and societies without any ethnic, religious, and gender discrimination with the aim to release children and the society from poverty.

The project launched yesterday is not the first project here because the commission has been working to stop harmful traditional practice within the societies via undertaking awareness raising activities and other vital activities. This launched child development education program will benefit some 251 poorest of the poor children. It will provide for children holistic educational equipment, materials as well as health and sanitation services besides providing training and awareness raising activities.

This could be a new chapter but in the future may the commission implement various projects, he underscored adding all implemented projects will work for the societies and communities development like did before. Accordingly, various projects that EKHCDC undertake here and across the country have a significant role to lift out the project beneficiary and societies from absolute poverty.

EKHCDC is under preparation to launch a new project related with child rights in near future if the remaining things is well achieved, commissioner Dr. Tefera said adding investing in children is of high significance for the country’s development because children are the future designer and leaders of the state.

Asfaw Ambawe. West South EKHC Zonal General Secretary in his opening remark said that it is the first time in the history of this city church launching such kind of child development project. Bonga Kale Heywet Church founded nearly 7 decades ago. It has a long history in the area, currently having 732 local churches in SWPR alone.  It has many members which are very instrumental to support and help this project implementation with the aim to see holistic change and development of the societies in a given area. Besides, the EKHC has been undertaking wide ranges of activities which are very helpful in supporting the government’s sustainable development goals and to realize the people’s future bright and light.

The South West Peoples Region Finance and Economic Development Bureau Head Wosenech Tomas said that the region has undertaken various development activities. The Kale Heywet Church Development Commission(EKHCDC) project is one the region is heading to implement.

Appreciating the project overall plan and the EKHCDC’s institutional professional independence and integrity, she lauded the EKHCDC commitment to address unaddressed part of the societies by the government budget. She also promised to provide and work together with EKHCDC in all directions regarding this project.

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