Commission conducts resource mobilization training, brief JISRA project interventions

The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church Development Commission (EKHCDC) conducted atraining on resource mobilization and briefings on Joint Initiative for Strategic ReligiousAction (JISRA) project interventions at Hawassa Rori Hotel on the 18 th of December 2023

The training was started with the opening prayer by Mr. Tamiru Zeleke the EKHCDC HR and
Operations Department Head and sharing the words of God by Mr. Endale W/Semayat the
JISRA project coordinator. Mr. Endale read the words of God from Romans chapter 12:1-2 and
called the stakeholders to present their bodies as a living sacrifice and consistently live a holy life
which is acceptable unto God. (JISRA) project work report update and status presentation was
presented to the participants.

Tefera Telore (PhD), the commissioner of EKHCDC delivered his welcoming speech to the
participants and briefed how the commission is running its developmental programs in the entire
country for the overall wellbeing of humankinds with special focus on the needy and the most
vulnerable communities. He also added that the commission has been implementing various
projects successfully for over 50 years with the support from external donors and internal
resources on major thematic areas like water, health and sanitation, education, livelihood and
disaster response and rehabilitation, preventing harmful traditional practice, food security and
economic development etc… across the country. Adding on the top Dr, Teffera briefed that
currently, EKHCDC has already commenced resource mobilizing with its all outlined resource
mobilizing tools and strategies. This will help the commission to narrow financial gaps,
strategically strengthen and widen the commission’s funding sources to reach more people who
need supports to improve their lives. Accordingly, volunteers, individuals and any donor who
want to donate will donate by using telebirr supper application, and Awash Bank account
number 1426, as well as Berhan Bank account number 1426 and other means. EKHCDC
therefore widely working on creating and enabling fertile grounds for mobilizing resource from
multiple sources to support the poor and needy communites as well as run sustainable
community centered development programs and projects, said Commissioner Dr. Tefera Telore.

Mr. Abraham Alembo, the Head of the Humanitarian Aid and Peace Building Unit at EKHCDC
presented to the participants the historical journey of EKHC in terms of integration and the
holistic ministry since its establishment. He also clearly explained the concepts of integration

(integration of stakeholders, potential resources, and organizational systems) to be internalized
by all stakeholders in the holistic service delivery systems. He pictured that the internalized goals
have to be characterized and carried out by actively setting clear objective with clear target.
Hence, commitment, consistency, accountability, unity, integrity, and other vital values for
integrational/joint work are essential for maximizing organizational efforts to mobilize untapped
resources to reach more people and enhance performance of the church. In this regard, EKHCDC
movement and preparation is satisfactory he said adding the commission has been creating an
enabling environment for stakeholders to be engaged and in order to help the needy community
in participatory means.
Abraham further explained that donor-based funding is very much limited and unable to reach
the emerging needs of the people. Moreover, they are call-oriented with strong competition and
detailed preconditions. That is why the commission has developed participatory, integrated
resource mobilizing model to fill the gaps to help needy. As EKHC/EKHCDC is rich in natural
and human resources, integration is key to utilizing the untapped human capital and natural
resources to attain human and environmental development, he added.

Dinku Shumi, the head of EKHCDC Livelihood and Resilience Department expressed that
participating and contributing in resource mobilizing process is a duty of responsible individuals,
religious leaders and institutions, investors and other volunteers with the aim to help the destitute
segment of the people. Helping hands should donate the needy Ethiopia here and there. Hence
Resource mobilization keeping fit to the forth coming project that is why the commission
deliberately working on resource mobilization.
Besides this, he also described the nature of project currently the commission set to commence
implementation in Oromia, Sidama, Southern Ethiopia Region, and Central Ethiopia Region.
It is to be recalled that The Ethiopian Kale Heywet Church (EKHC) and Ethiopian Kale Heywet
Church Development Commission (EKHCDC), joint boards and top leaders jointly conducted an
integration and resource mobilization workshop on the 9 th of October 2023 at Kuriftu. The
participant leaders were from the entire country who represent the down structures of the church
at zonal levels.

Finally, the participants positively reflected their feedbacks and remarking words on the
presentations and the objectives of the workshop. They also raised some questions for clarity and
better understanding of the concept of the integration and resource mobilization processes. Dr.
Tefera and other members answered to the questions raised by the participants and concluded the
workshop with words of prayers by Pastor Mulatu.

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