Core values


Team work

It has become important to develop a multi-sectorial team to address the overwhelming holistic development needs of both the members of EKHCDC and its target communities.


Adherence to the values of EKHCDC which are the guiding principles to reach the desired objectives of its various ministries aimed at the holistic needs of its target populations. Therefore, its staff as well as its members should have a sense of honesty and truthfulness in relation to their calls that are either professional or ordained.


Since the relation of EKHCDC is a complex and many dimensional, it is highly important to build its image among its staffs, partners (both local and international), members, and the community at large. Its acceptability and credibility must be maintained among all its stakeholders so as to avoid any relationship that may lead to undesired dispute.


It is obvious that EKHCDC has no any other self-interest than undertaking its current and future ministries to accomplish the divine mission entrusted to it by the Lord. On the other hand, EKHCDC works with individuals, families, groups, communities, Christians, Muslims, as wells as government and private organizations to address the immense needs of millions of men and women but with very limited resources. Thus, the service to which EHKC is called requires a great deal of resource management, commitment to meet the set objectives, and patience to bear with unfavorable situation as it may arise.


Being in such a complex relationship with others, EKHCDC must be accountable to its stakeholders in terms of its financial and physical plans and achievements so that everyone who contributes towards meeting the objectives of its mission should be provided with relevant information on the status of EKHCDC in timely manner. In the course of actions, therefore, both successes and failures need to be accounted for because all may learn from the experience so that they, as well, together with EKHCDC seek solutions to improve things in the future.

Positive organizational image

Retaining the existing and attracting new employees are one of the areas EKHCDC must work to become an organization where its employees are able to feel comfortable to share the vision of it. Once EKHCDC maintains this image of it among its own employees and members, there will be much better chance for providing good services to its target communities. Thus, the social and economic environment for the existing staffs and those ones planning to join EKHCDC should be competent and viable.


EKHCDC is committed to apply consistent and superior performance by establishing an internal framework of standards through providing job related trainings to its employees that will help them develop personal, professional, management and leadership skills, sharing ideas of improvements, innovations, best practices, and celebrating accomplishments of organizational goals.   

Wholistic Transformation:  

Wholistic transformation gives emphasis on the change of all aspects of human life. It is the act of changing human perspectives to bring about significant and positive changes in the process of addressing human needs. EKHCDC therefore works to help target community members to bring about significant changes in their perspectives, attitudes and mindsets so that they may use their available resources in order to engage in sustainable development activities with objectives of meetings the needs and aspirations of both their families and communities.


EKHCDC enter formal or legal partnership and operational agreement with all its partners within and outside of the country to work in collaboration to address the needs of the society in different regions of the country.  We value greatly our partnership and the contributions of our partners to work together in order to accomplish our mission.  

Community Centered

EKHCDC is devoted to undertake community-centered development as per their prioritized needs that focuses on improving their lives, self-reliance, and participation in decision-making. We recognize and call for changes in their social, intellectual, economic, and environmental values and practices.